Happens during 2021:

TransCentury Update, Leipzig / Germany (November)

Inkonst, Malmö / Sweden (November)

Österreichisches Filmmuseum & Viennale, Vienna / Austria (October)

Garage Cinema, Garage Museum, Moscow / Russia (October)

2 ° Lima Alterna IFF, International competition, Lima / Peru (September)

7th Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, Bogotá / Columbian (August 1 – August 31, 2021)

VisualContainerTV, „Eclectic Dreams II", Milan / Italy (July 13 to August 20)

Santarcangelo Festival, Santarcangelo di Romagna / Italy (July)

reihe - M, Open Air, Cologne / Germany (July)

Art Web Gallery, „Art & Photography“, Group exhibition, Genoa / Italy  (June 26 to September 30)

„Alone Together: Art from Home“ (VR exhibition) / e-KOSMA Gallery, Gwanju / South Korea (May 29 - June 29)

Filmóptico, international art visual and film festival & ViridianaTV, Cunit / Spain  (april 23 – may 02)

VisualContainerTV, „Panorama“, Milan / Italy (march 19 to april 20)

Happens during 2020:

Member of the jury for Calcutta International Short Film Festival, Experimental Film section. Due to Covid-19 unfortunately via the Internet (December).

Asia Culture Center (ACC) / Kosma Open Air, Gwanju / South Korea (November/December).

Goethe-Institut, Stockholm / Sweden - discontinued because of COVID-19.

O Sítio Arte e Tecnologia, digital art exhibition, Exposições Online Do Sítio, Florianópolis / Brazil (Summer).

1 ° Lima Alterna IFF, Lima / Peru (August) - Festival due to COVID-19 only as a live stream.

Eskapism (Open air group exhibition) , Rosenhill, Ekerö / Sweden (June - August).

Moving Image Salon, London / GB (March) - discontinued because of COVID-19.

The Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation, Kolkata, West Bengal / India (February)

Silent Green, Kulturquartier, Berlin / Germany (February)

The Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH); world premier of the video THE TREE WITH A NAME video for Elisabeth Holmertz version of Claudio Monteverdis Opera L'Orfeo (January)

Films at on Internet streams:


Films are distributed by:

Arsenal Institute for film and video art, Berlin / Germany


Light Cone, Paris / France


FILMFORM – The art film&videoarchive, Stockholm / Sweden



Singulart, Paris



Erik Axl Sund Galeri, Stockholm